Wedding Present: Anyone Can Make a Mistake Record Shop Poster-1987


Offered is an Original 102x76cm Record Shop Promotional Poster For The Wedding Present Anyone Can Make a Mistake Single on Reception Records Released in 1987.

The band were formed in 1985 from the ashes of the short-lived Lost Pandas, with guitarist Peter Solowka, bassist Keith Gregory, and drummer Shaun Charman joining Gedge. They became the darlings of the British press overnight, winning acclaim for their distinct guitar pop frenzy as well as Gedge’s idiosyncratic vocal style and wittily conversational lyrics. Their early singles, like 1985’s “Go Out and Get ‘Em Boy” and 1986’s “You Should Always Keep in Touch with Your Friends” found favour with influential DJ John Peel, for whom they cut their first radio session in February 1986. They also landed on the NME’s landmark C-86 cassette compilation.


"wedding present"



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