T-Rex: Damned: Dandy in The Underworld Unpeeled Sticker-1977


Offered is an Original Unpeeled 6″ Diamenter Unpeeled Sticker For T-Rex Dandy in The Underworld Album & Tour Which The Damned was the tour support.

At the time of the album’s release Marc and T.Rex were on a UK tour, supported by The Damned. The album and tour were notable for marking a return to form for the band. Dandy in the Underworld gathered the most consistently positive reviews for any T.Rex album in five years. Having fallen from critical and commercial favour, the band had endured some fiercely hostile press, but NME, which had been amongst the most negative, noted of the album: “very listenable, well arranged immaculately played.

Dandy in the Underworld was launched at London’s leading punk rock venue, The Roxy. Only the title track was released from the album as a single, in a remixed and re-recorded version with the ‘offending’ lyrics “Exalted companion of cocaine nights” being changed to “T.Rex nights”. The track “Visions of Domino” was a re-recording of the previous single “Funky London Childhood”. A final single, “Celebrate Summer” was released in August, ironically (as events turned out) being backed by a previous track from the Futuristic Dragon album, “Ride My Wheels”.


"damned", "T-Rex"

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