Stiff Records: Early Release Flyer For Damned Elvis Costello Nick Lowe-1977


Offered is an Early Stiff Records Shops Stuffed with Stiffs 30x21cm Flyer Promoting Damned Damned Damned My Aim Is True Nick Lowe Adverts among others From 1977

Stiff Records was the last great independent record label that once billed itself as “The World’s Most Flexible Record Label”. To the punter, Stiff were a funny, wacky bunch of artists and bosses who gave the impression of not giving a …… They had killer slogans like “When You Kill Time, You Murder Success” and “We came. We saw. We left”.

They were right in the middle of the British new wave / punk movement, boasting an oddball collection of acts. They did daft things, their marketing ads made you laugh, and you bought the records because, well, because you wanted to be part of the madness. Sadly, we don’t have anyone like Stiff any more.


"damned", "elvis costello", "nick lowe"



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