Stiff Records By Train: Wreckless Eric Lene Lovich Jona Lewie Mickey Jupp: Rachel Sweet : Loughborough University-1978


Offered is an Original 10Th November 1978 75x50cm Stiff Records Tour Train Promotional Featuring Wreckless Eric Jona Lewie Lene Lovich Rachel Sweet & Micky Jupp at Loughborough University.

When you’re in a band, and somebody mentions going on tour, you get yourselves a Transit van and hit the motorway, right?
Well, at least that’s how it had always worked in the past.
Enter the management and bands of Stiff Records, who were never much for doing anything by the book.

Stiff were the slightly more eccentric side of the punk records family, probably the first truly maverick of the early Independent labels; with a scratch and sniff release, their “ain’t worth a f*ck” slogans, and their “mixed” roster of bands.
In October 1978, five of Stiff’s then current recording artists embarked on the second Stiff Records tour of the UK, not in a transit van or tour-bus, but even more remarkably, on a train.
The tour was billed as ‘Be Stiff’ – which was also the name of Devos’ third and final single for the label – no matter that Devo weren’t even on the tour (Stiff eccentricities see above), although each of the artists did record a cover of the song for future release.

So, at the beginning of October 1978 Wreckless Eric, Lene Lovich, Jona Lewie, Rachel Sweet and Mickey Jupp made their way to the platform at Kensington Olympia station in West London to begin their month of UK, Rock and Roll inter-railing. Amazingly, film footage from that day still survives, from what we think might be an OGWT or news report (any ideas?), with commentary by the lovely Annie Nightingale, and including the tour anthem “Be Stiff” by Devo.
he tour took the bands from Bristol in the South West to Wick in Scotland on a specially commissioned, logo emblazoned train. All the artists played short sets every night for over a month, in a 2½ hour, revue-style show and all five of them had albums released mid-tour on the same day.

“The train tour was typical Stiff,” admits Robinson, “We liked to have fun and we liked to keep our bands busy. ‘A Tired Band Is A Happy Band’ – that was our motto”.


Jona Lewie, Lene Lovich, Micky Jupp, Rachel Sweet, Wreckless Eric



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