Spizzenergi-Where’s Captain Kirk Record Shop Poster-1979


Offered is an May-1979 83x57cm Record Shop Poster For Spizzenergi Where’s Captain Kirk Single Released on Rough Trade.

The single was the fourth to be released by the band Spizzenergi, who had previously been known as Spizzoil. The song is two minutes and seventeen seconds long, and was written by lead singer Spizz and keyboard player Mark Coalfield. The single reached the number one spot on the UK Indie Chart and stayed there for seven weeks. “Where’s Captain Kirk?” was the first number one single on the chart, which had just been established.

In July 1980 Record Mirror revealed that the single sold more than 60.000 units without ever charting.

Following the success of “Where’s Captain Kirk?”, which refers to captain James T. Kirk of the Star Trek fictional universe, two further Star Trek related songs were released by the band. “Spock’s Missing” followed six months later and “Five Year Mission (Featuring the Return of Spock)” was released on a later album.

American rock band R.E.M. recorded “Where’s Captain Kirk?” for their fan-club exclusive single during Christmas 1992.





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