Slade: Free Trade Hall Manchester Unsold Concert Ticket-1977


Offered is an Original FULL Unsold Venue ticket For Slade on Their What Ever Happened To Slade UK tour From The Free Trade Hall in Manchester on 7Th May 1977 admission £1.50

Their set opened with three flawless, expertly constructed punches to the throat — all the right ingredients, the pauses, riffs,repetition, relentless dynamics, flase endings……

The crowd loved it, and were away and up.

It took a lot of the throng about this long to recover from the sight of a hairless Dave Hill who, with his Dumbo ears and Bugs Bunny teeth, looks less the Grasshopper he’d been nicknamed by Noddy Holder than a cousin of Paulus the Woodgnome.

Only when Slade tried for finesse and pretended that they were a third rate Beatles, playing trash like “How Does It Feel” and “Far Far Away”, instead of consolidating their position as a second rate Sweet, did things sag. Sophistication was never really Slade’s forte.

Ah, the gross overstatement of “Burning In The Heat Of Love”, the deranged indulgent guitar from Hill during “The Soul, The Roll And The Motion”, the flashy bass licks from Jim Lea, and the formal pandemonium of Don Powell’s drumming. Everything rehearsed to a T. Loved it.

Even “Gudbuy T’Jane” and “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” were transformed into gloriously anonymous, agreeably primitive heavy metal bursts, with Holder’s mighty voice fitting (to understate) nicely into the controlled wall of noise.

Everyone had a solo spot three times over, the sound was perfect, lightshow spot on, the crowd felt wanted and responded with glee. It was the kind of rock as showbiz outing that I’d pay money to see for years to come. You can’t beat professionalism and precision when it’s executed with such fervour.


When the Free Trade Hall was renovated &  Converted to Radisson Blu Hotel Various Tickets were discovered in the original Managers office as part of the refurbishment.

This ticket was bought from the Demolition contractor involved.





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