Shrink: Think Shrink Record Shop Promotional Artist Poster-1979


Offered is an Original 75x50cm Record Shop Promotional Poster Entitled Think Shrink Circa 1979

David (a.k.a Chris) Banks left northern England in 1977, and headed to London to audition for ‘The Secret.’ The lead singer was Mickey Modern, the bassist was Benny Leopard, the drummer was Percy Cute, and two guitarists were taken on, Reggie Mental (Dave Murray of Iron Maiden), and Banks, now known as Shrink. The Secret set up a showcase for A&M records hoping for a record deal, so, unsure of Shrink’s skill, they replaced him with a session guitarist. They then asked Shrink to be the support act for the showcase, possibly hoping he’d only make them look better. Instead, Shrink got a standing ovation and an A&M record deal. After the show, David recalls that a member of The Secret met him backstage saying he didn’t know whether to shake his hand or smack him in the mouth. Apparently, they underestimated his performance ability, which incorporated gold face paint and silver bodysuits. One fan recalls that when he went to see Shrink in London of 1979, it was heavily attended by punks. When Shrink took the stage the punks gathered to the floor and began to bow to Shrink. In another account of a show at Phillippa Fawcett College in Streatham, attendees watched Shrink stop singing mid-song, and after what I imagine was an uncomfortable moment of silence, he burst into tears. “As the sobs got louder and his body convulsed, nobody knew whether to help him out, look the other way or laugh.” This confusion is confirmed by the fact that at times in his performances he appears to be in agony. Shrink also made a cameo appearance auditioning/guitar smashing for ‘Breaking Glass’ in the movie of the same name.





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