Sensational Alex Harvey Band: SAHB: Leeds-1975


Offered is an Original 76x51cm Silk Screened Concert Poster For Alex Harvey SAHB at Leeds University on 10-May-1975 on Their Tomorrow Belongs to Me UK Tour.

SAHB stood out throughout their career, but at no point more than during that strange period between the waning of the rock giants of the early 70s and the first stirrings of punk in ’75 and ’76. By somehow bridging the two styles by way of a theatrical, yet utterly streetwise, rock that ensured they sounded like no one else, SAHB carved their unique place in the rock and roll landscape.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though, as Tomorrow Belongs to Me has a couple of moments that don’t quite work. Although “The Tale of the Giant Stone Eater” has its fans, it can divide opinion, and I for one have never found much to admire on the extended theatrical work beyond Cleminson’s failingly glorious guitar work. For me, “Ribs and Balls” should have been a victim to more stringent quality control, though at least it does provide bass-player Chris Glenn with his only co-writing credit on the album and it’s home to some funky keyboard work from McKenna and a dirty riff from Cleminson. Somewhere out there Bon Scott and the rest of AC/DC were listening.

Where it does work though, it’s peerless stuff. “Give My Compliments to the Chef” hits the spot in a way that “The Tale of the Giant Stone Eater” fails to. Bets of all though is the title track, a number from the Cabaret musical, given a whole new sinister and potent twist by SAHB and made into a show-stopper of a whole different kind than Fred Ebb and John Kander probably ever intended.

Tomorrow Belongs to Me is one of those albums where you have to take the rough with a smooth, and it should be remembered that this was SAHB’s fourth studio album in three years, at a time when, unless you were one of the mega-acts of the age, it was all about getting new product on the shelves as rapidly as possible. It’s an album of songs, rather than an entirely cohesive listen, but in some ways, that’s what’s charming about it. This is prime SAHB. The good, the bad, and the bits that cause you to scratch your head.

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