Scars: Horrorshow 1.25″ punk Badge-1979


Offered is an Original 1.25″ badge For The Scars Debut Single Horrorshow/Adultery on Fast Records.

The Scars made their first appearance in October 1977. Originally playing Blitzkrieg Bop like a thousand other hopefuls they clearly had that indefinable something that set them apart. Their style was a mixture of glam, art and punk not towerblocks and R&B. Their first single was far removed from punk music wise, but in those shards of trebly spikey guitar it bristled with its energy and attitude. Unfortunately the rigid punk straightjacket that so often preached individualism on one hand while denying anyone who dared to be different did for The Scars at home. Ahead of their time its ironic that they would have probably remained undiscovered if it hadn’t been for punk. Sadly the goods promised by their early gigs, debut single and songs failed to materialise. Another story of what could have been.



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