Residents: Duck Stab EP-1978


Offered is an Original 46x32cm Promotional Poster From November 1978 For The Residents Duck Stab EP.

Duck Stab!/Buster & Glen, later renamed as just Duck Stab, is the fifth studio album by The Residents, released in November 1978. It is named after the first side of the album, Duck Stab!, a seven-song EP released earlier in 1978 featuring shorter songs similar to the first side of Fingerprince. Buster and Glen, the B-side of the album, was intended to follow Duck Stab! presumably in early 1979.

After the first pressing of Duck Stab! quickly sold out—which was an oddity for the band—they decided to re-release it as an album, merged with the unreleased Buster and Glen. This was also in part due to the audio quality of the original EP, which The Residents stated was poor.

Dimensions 46 × 32 cm




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