Radio Stars: Dirty Pictures Chiswick Records Record Shop Poster-1977


offered is an Original 50x35cm Record Shop From April 1977 For The Radio Stars Debut Single On Chiswick Records Dirty Pictures

The first Radio Stars single ‘Dirty Pictures’ nestled inside a picture sleeve with grubby fingerprints all over it. There was also a huge (20×13 inches) poster, the hugest poster of all time, even the Chinese say so, which is now available for all animal lovers to admire in the privacy of their own home or cell.

The idea for the poster was based on a photo session from the 1950s, featuring the Goons and ‘the world’s first supermodel’ Barbara Goalen. Here she talks about her ‘charlies’ in her 2002 obituary (before she died, naturally). One of the original shots, taken in the 1950s, shows Spike Milligan restrained by Harry Secombe and Peter Sellers, Goalen remaining aloof.


"radio stars"



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