Patrik Fitzgerald: All Sewn Up 1.25″ Badge-1979


Offered is an Original 1.25″ Badge For Patrik Fitzgerald All Sewn Up Single on Small Wonder.

Patrik Fitzgerald was one of the oddities that Punk Rock threw up in 1977. A lone singer with an acoustic guitar regaling punk audiences with lyrical songs and interspersing them with chat, stories and poems. Is this what people died in the Punk wars for?
The answer is an emphatic yes. There’s no better example of the Punk DIY attitude than the lone, slight figure of Patrik Fitzgerald making it happen and expressing himself on stage. Singing songs of alienation, observation and imagined situations and often braving hostile receptions to communicate with an audience. While bands had the safety net of each other and the bombast of volume and wattage he stood alone.

The nearest artist to him, John Cooper Clarke, had sarcasm, humour and a rapid fire delivery. Patrik had realism, pathos and incisive, sometimes uncomfortable, lyrics. Those early songs like ‘Safety Pin In My Heart’ and ‘All Sewn Up’ have amazingly stood the test of time and sound as relevant today as then. Patrik Fitzgerald was the ‘Punk Poet.’


Patrik Fitzgerald



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