Oasis: Some Might Say Record Shop Poster-1995


Offered is an Original Record Shop Poster 76x51cm April 1995 For Oasis 6Th Single Some Might Say on Creation Records.

The story behind the sleeve
Michael Spencer Jones, photographer: “This shot was basically a visual interpretation of the lyrics. Noel had wanted to have the photograph set at a working train station, but I thought it would make for a more interesting and surreal shot if the station was disused, with a set of characters waiting for a train that would never arrive. The platform could act as the stage. I must have spent two weeks reccying the shot all around England. In the end a neighbour suggested Cromford station near Matlock in Derbyshire. I checked it out and it was ideal. I shot it on black-and-white film and spent a week or so hand-painting the photograph with watercolours and a brush to create more of a surrealist effect.”
Brian Cannon, art director: “It’s the Oasis artwork I’m most proud of. It’s a great interpretation of the lyrics, and my mum [with the mop] and dad [with the wheelbarrow] are on it too!”
Noel Gallagher: “It’s got loads of references to things in the song, although I haven’t any idea what any of it means. Is it deliberate that if you hold the sleeve upside down the fish in the wheelbarrow looks like a line of coke? I think you’ve read too many conspiracy theories.”





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