Oasis: Don’t Look Back in Anger Record Shop Poster-1996


Offered is an Original 76x51cm UK Record Shop Poster for Oasis 10th Single on Creation Records Don’t Look Back in Anger From February 1996.

Story Behind The Sleeve
Brian Cannon: “This was based on the story of Ringo Starr leaving The Beatles and returning to recording sessions to see his drum-kit smothered in flowers. We had 10,000 carnations imported from Holland for the shoot then dyed 3,000 of them blue.”

Michael Spencer Jones: ”Ringo was persuaded to come back into the band, and on his return, George Martin, The Beatles’ producer, had decked his drum kit out in flowers as a statement of love and gratitude. Noel thought this would make an interesting idea for a cover, and so we had the band’s equipment covered in thousand of red, white and blue flowers, the colours of the union jack. It was going to be an overhead shot and I had a scaffolding tower erected but I decided to shoot it at eye-level so that the bass drum with its Union jack swirl could feature more prominently. The white piano was a reference to John Lennon





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