Nick Lowe: Jesus of Cool Record Shop Poster-1978


Offered is an Original 56x39cm Record Shop Poster For Nick Lowe Jesus is Cool Album Released on Radar Records in March 1978.

Nick Lowe’s debut album Jesus of Cool (AKA Pure Pop For Now People) is one of the defining factors that cemented him in rock/new wave history. With every song, this conglomeration of pessimistic, self aware pop brings something new to the table, and leaves the listener feeling refreshed after every spin. Lowe’s raw sound, stemming from his “strip it down and bash it out” tactics and showcase his impeccable songwriting abilities and his tasteful self disinterest. He doesn’t take himself seriously, and doesn’t think anyone else should, which is what makes him so… dare I say… cool.

Highlights of the album include:
*cough* completely original *cough* grooves on So It Goes and Nutted by Reality (but in actuality, these are amazing songs each with catchy lyrics and hooks galore; some of my favorites from his discography)
Marie Provost- cheeky track, insanely catchy song about a women being eaten by a dog. What more do you want?


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