Motorhead: Ozzy Osbourne: Riot: Port Vale Festival Flyer-1981


Offered is an Original A5 21x15cm Flyer Handbill For Motorhead All Day Festival Appearance at Port Vale Football Club With Support From Ozzy Osbourne Riot Vardis Triumph.

Lemmy gave an astonishing remark to White Line Fever’s author claiming that the Holocaust festival was probably the powerful and loudest display ever was. He went on to joke that they were made deaf by the noises, and the only way to make them hear was to turn up the sound even higher. The stage packed with public address systems giving an output of almost 117,000 watts. It was evident the arena was built for sound as the soundcheck attracted the attention of a person four miles away.

The festival attracted the attention of artists as far away as California, where Lars Ulrich was living. Lars was 16 years as of 1981 and went to become the lead artist for Metallica and an enormous fan of Motorhead. Lars even made a statement to Rolling Stone that the event in Port Vale Stadium was the best he’d seen.

His comments on Motorhead performances were positive as recall them commanding the 40,000 crowd. Along with his buddy he had to talk their way into the stadium since the tickets were all sold out. The good thing was that he was friends with Lemmy’s crew, and it only took them less than fifteen minutes to find their way backstage. Lemmy was so influential, he had persuaded a teenager to make the long trip to Port Vale from California.


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