Lords of The New Church: French Billboard Method To Madness Tour Record Shop Poster-1984


Offered is an Original 150x100cm French Record Shop Billboard Poster For Lords of The New Church on Their Method To Madness Tour From October 1984.

The Lords were a bona fide super group, featuring true punk rock royalty in the form of Stiv Bator of the Dead Boys on vocals, and Brian James of The Damned on guitar. Drummer Nicky Turner of garage legends The Barracudas, and bassist Dave Tregunna of street-punk pioneers Sham 69 filled out the line-up.

The band’s final studio album The Method to Our Madness (1984) saw it go back to basics to some degree, with darkly flavored punk nuggets such as the title track and “Fresh Flesh,” plus a few eerie slow songs, the seamy, bass-driven “Murder Style” being a fine example.

After its initial studio run, the band would go through a series of lineup changes, sporadically releasing a few things here and there, including a silly take on Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.” It would all come to a head in 1988, when unbeknownst to Bator; the band took out an ad looking for a replacement singer. Bator would soon find out, and in grand style, wear the ad as a T-shirt during the encore of the band’s disastrous final concert. It was all over for the Lords, and soon after for Bator, who passed away in Paris in 1990.


"lords of the new church"



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