London’s Outrage: Jon Savage 1st Edition Print Fanzine-1976

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Offered is an Original London’s Outrage By Journalist & Author Jon Savage on his Debut 1st Edition Print Fanzine From December 1976

Jon Savage was apparently inspired to create this fanzine by Mark P’s call to action in the fifth issue of Sniffin’ Glue: “All you kids out there who read ‘SG’, don’t be satisfied with what we write. Go out and start your own fanzines or send reviews to the established papers. Let’s really get on their nerves, flood the market with punk writing!”….

The name and front cover of London’s Outrage were based on a flyer for a Sex Pistols gig that took place at the Notre Dame Hall (now the Leicester Square Theatre) on 15th November 1976. Savage worked on the zine for approximately two days at the end of the same month and was able to produce multiple copies for free using the Xerox machine in the office where he worked.
In his lunch hour, he would sit on the bog attacking bits of paper with Pritt glue in a very real fever – got to do it now, now. “It” is a fanzine. I need to give voice to those explosions in my head. Cut-up bits of the NME, 60s pop annuals, Wilhelm Reich and “Prostitution” handbills are slashed together around a long improvised piece about violence, fascism, Thatcher and the impending apocalypse.

Among the images strewn across the zine’s 16 pages are pictures of Shane MacGowan’s infamous “ear biting” incident. The front cover of MacGowan’s fanzine Bondage also featured the Sex Pistols pic from the same flyer that Savage used for the cover of London’s Outrage….


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