Killing Joke: Revelations Record Shop Subway Poster-1982


Offered is an Original Subway 140x94cm Record Shop Poster For Killing Joke Revelations Album Released in July 1982.

The chief criticism many Killing Joke fans level at Revelations is that it is underproduced. When compared with later albums such as Extremities, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions and Pandemonium, Revelations does seem to lack some sonic kick, but only for listeners not digging deep enough into the dusty labyrinth herein. Criticism of the production ignores the reality that the album is a joyous, original world unto itself. Sounding as if it was recorded in some mad, dub chamber, Revelations reveals many artsy, staccato pleasures. “Dregs,” “Land of Milk and Honey,” and “The Pandys Are Coming” blend stream-of-consciousness lyrics with blaring, distorted guitars and punchy drumming. Jaz Coleman has never sounded more confused and happy. This translates to the listener in the form of dark, fun soundscapes.


"killing joke"



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