Huang Chung: Hold Back The Tears Record Shop Poster-1981


Offered is an Original 51x38cm Record Shop Promotional Single Released July 1981 For Huang Chung Debut Single Hold Back The Tears on Arista Records.

Out of the ashes of 57 Men rose a new band. Jack Hues, Nick Feldman (aka Nick De Spig), and Darren Costin (aka Darwin) re-grouped and started out again as a stripped-down three-piece unit named Huang Chung. The band recorded four live tracks for 101 Records, all of which appeared on a pair of compilation albums in 1980 and 1981.

The independent record company Rewind Records signed the band up for a two single deal. Huang Chung’s first single for the label was “Isn’t It About Time We Were On TV”, gaining their first ever radio play in the UK on John Peel’s show. The band’s second single was “Stand Still”. Saxophonist David Burnand (aka Hogg Robinson) joined the band just after the Rewind singles.
Huang Chung signed to Arista Records in the UK for a two album deal in May with two singles, “Hold Back The Years” and “China”, released in July and October, respectively.


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