Hanoi Rocks: Girlschool: Babysitters: Portsmouth Concert Poster-1984


Offered is an Original 22nd December 1984 Silk Screened Concert Poster For a Christmas Extravaganza at the Guildhall Portsmouth Featuring Hanoi Rocks With Support From Girlschool & The Babysitters.

Sadly this concert was cancelled due to the Untimely death of The Razzle The Drummer

9 December 1984 – Redondo Beach, California, USA. The Death of Razzle.
Razzle died on 9 December 1984 in a car accident where Vincent N. Wharton (better known as Vince Neil) lost the control of his car and crashed to two other cars. Vince Neil was in drunk and the reason they were driving was to buy more alcohol from the local off-license. Seppo Vesterinen: “This break in tour schedule derived from Michael’s twisted ankle and therefore we came to Los Angeles to do some TV and radio interviews. Razzle’s friend, Motley Crue’s singer Vince Neil, lives nearby and Razzle went to see him on Saturday. They took Vince’s sports car but soon after departing Vince’s house the car started to hydroplane when they hit the water from a broken hydrant. Vince hit two other cars in high speed and spun in the air many times. Car fell down possibly on Razzle’s side and the death was immediate. According to the information I have received, one person from the other car they hit also died and one has been injured badly.”

According to Kerrang-magazine (December 1984) there was a rumour that Andy McCoy had been in the car with Vince and Neil but official sources denied this. Andy: “I had to tell others about Razzle’s death. I felt I was in the middle of a cop movie when they asked me did I know him and how closely. I went to hospital with Motley’s drummer Tommy Lee and all I could ask was that did Razzle suffer. Fortunately not, he died instantly. I don’t blame Vince. Let’s see what’s gonna happen to him. California laws had been tightened before the accident and this kinda thing will be compared to second degree murder.”

Andy: “Razzle always wanted to see Los Angeles. When he finally got there, he died before he could play there.”


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