Gun Club & Scientists Bristol Bierkellar Concert Poster-1984


Offered is an Original 28Th October 1984 68x53cm Concert Poster For The Gun Club featuring Jeffrey Lee Pierce (vocals)/Jim Duckworth (guitar)/Patricia Morrison (bass) Kid Congo (Drums) on Their Las Vegas Story Album UK Tour.

It was on this tour that Terry Graham disappeared in Paris. The story is that he was tired of Pierce’s dictatorial attitude. Also, he wasn’t seeing a financial return after having given four years of his life to the band. After playing Manchester, he had found that both a collection of video footage he had been taking of the band and the camera it was being recorded on had been stolen backstage. He had also discovered that the band had en-masse decided to move their base of operations over to London without telling him. It was a lousy position to be put in and was the last straw at the wrong moment.

The band was finally seeing a level of success on the back of their latest album Las Vegas Story. Finally the band were locating to where their audience was and had record label support and a sympathetically produced LP.

This may unfortunately be seen as contributory to the band never being able to capitalize on any hard worn popularity. One more major upheaval at this point seems to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Graham was replaced by Desperate who had up to that point been one of the roadies. There is a dividing line cast around this point -the LP’s up to and including Las Vegas Story and after Mother Juno. It doesn’t quite fall into Terry Graham years/Nick Sanderson years since neither musician is the sole drummer in either era.

The Gun Club did a tour supporting Siouxsie & the Banshees sometime that year with Australia’s Scientists as second support, at least when they toured Britain. One of the first things the Scientists had done on having arrived from Australia was to write to Kid Congo and say that they were going to support The Gun Club on their next tour. They thought they were being a bit cheeky but the ploy worked and Kim Salmon, the lead singer, and JLP became fast friends over the course of the next year


"gun club", "scientists", "sisters of mercy"

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