Fall: Smiths: Electric Ballroom London Concert Ticket-1983


Offered is an Original Fall With Support For The Smiths at The Electric Ballroom London on 21St  May 1983, It was The Smiths 7th ever concert.

This was the Smiths’ first major support slot with fellow Mancunians The Fall as headliners. The beginning of the concert was a bit shaky, with a few mistakes in “Accept Yourself” and a terrible version of “Reel Around The Fountain”, but they managed to get everything right in the second half of the concert, which was very well received by the audience.
Entering stage, Morrissey asked the audience “Are you ready?” before going into “You’ve Got Everything Now”. For some reason, after the song he is heard saying “Good grief!”. “Accept Yourself”, which was very likely being performed for the first time ever, contained quite a few lyrical differences to the versions that were later released. After “…time is against me now”, Morrissey repeated the line in falsetto and yelped a few times, creating a strange but interesting effect. Also, plans in this early version, like dreams, “have a knack of not coming true” instead of falling through “… as so often they do”. One difference with the familiar lyrics was probably a mistake by Morrissey, as he sang “…so how do I feel about the past / they make me awkward and plain…”. The latter line, relating to his shoes, was obviously meant to be sung later. This probably led the uncomfortable Morrissey to make a similar mistake further down, singing “when will you accept (mumble) say” instead of “everyday you must say”. Of course everyone in the audience was oblivious to this as nobody knew the song… the band was probably struggling with a newly written track they were not yet accustomed to


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