Eyeless in Gaza: French Concert Poster-1982


Offered is an Original 24-June-1982 Concert Poster For Eyeless in Gaza At The Auditorium Sainte -Croix Poitiers France

Eyeless In Gaza, a project which debuted in 1980 with the striking three-track 7″ Kodak Ghosts Run Amok. The band’s early 80s vintage, and the sparse, electronic sound they pursued on their early releases, has led to them being cursed, to this day, with the misleading epithet “post-punk” – despite their essaying of a sound, and a vision, far too personal, intractable and ever-evolving to be satisfactorily categorised as such. Indeed, Bates and Becker consider Eyeless In Gaza to be less a band, and more “a life-project.


"eyeless in gaza"



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