Eddie & The Hot Rods: Life on The Line Album Poster-1977


Offered is an Original November 1977 76x51cm Record Shop Poster For Eddie & The Hot Rods 2nd Album Life on The Line on Island Records.

It Was Eddie & the Hot Roads 2nd Album, Life On The Line, which blasted out in November in a lavish gate fold sleeve featuring individual shots of the band members hanging themselves. (Not Douglas, though, who was still under contract to CBS and had to settle for his credits in the small print.) The LP is a lot more in keeping with the times; most of the pub feeling is gone, no doubt due to the presence of Douglas, and the lyrics concentrate on personal dissatisfaction and sociopolitical matters. Just nine songs this time, including ‘Do Anything You Wanna Do’, a sinister instrumental (‘We Sing…The Cross’), the story of their adventures on the Continent (‘Ignore Them (Still Life)’) and a superb eight-minute burst of melodic anger, ‘Beginning Of The End’, which is anything but simplistic, the outraged lyrics and epic scope making it their ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’.


Eddie & The Hot Rods



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