Eater-Outside View-1977


Offered is an Original 47x34cm Debut Single Poster For Eater Outside View on The Label From March 1977

Eater formed in 1975, while its members were still in school, and broke onto the scene in March 1977 with their single “Outside View.” Although they never quite achieved the level of success of more prominent punk bands of the era Here is Mark Perry’s Opinion from Sniffin Glue 7, Couldn’t disagree more with Mark, However

MARK P, SNIFFIN’ GLUE #7, March 1977: Sorry lads but this single is crap. It’s not even good crap, it’s just a waste of time. The reason why it’s crap is that it was recorded last November when the band weren’t very good. They have improved a lot since then and I know that they didn’t want this crap released. Eater need freedom. They should not be tied down to a company like ‘The Label’, who don’t know a thing about the new music, although the producer – Dave Goodman – done a lot of good work for the Pistols, I can’t think why he let this single be released. ‘The Label’ contract ends in November, I think, so the best Eater can do is just keep playing. If another single has to be released don’t let it be ‘No Brains’ – which I know has been recorded – but make it a live E.P. That would at least show the band at their best. I’ll probably get slashed by Andy with a razor-blade now.

Dimensions 47 × 34 cm




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