Damned:Strawberries Album Promo Poster-1982


Offered is An Original Silk Screened UK 101x76cm UK Billboard Poster For Bronze Records Release for The Damned Strawberries album

For Reasons only Bronze Records know, The Poster was used For UK Bill boarding using The Imagery from The Album Reverse Side.

The record was released as the Damned were enjoying a higher public profile, thanks to the solo success of Captain Sensible. Sensible performed lead vocals on Life Goes On and Don’t Bother Me. He also introduced new instruments to the band, including sitar, and cello played by his then-girlfriend, Rachael Bor of the pop group Dolly Mixture.

While Strawberries was generally praised for its positive, up-beat melodies, the album marked a time of conflict and division within the band. During the recording, bassist Paul Gray fought with drummer Rat Scabies over management and song-writing responsibilities. Gray would leave the band in February 1983 (later replacing Billy Sheehan in UFO), and Bryn Merrick took over on bass. Keyboard player Roman Jugg officially became the Damned’s fifth band member. His arrival led to further experiments with the band’s sound, including loops and sampling. Jugg would later move to guitar, replacing Sensible, who left the band after the Strawberries concert tour.

The album’s working title was Strawberries for Pigs, a name inspired by the reception the band’s newer music received from some of their older fans. As Vanian explained, “we were playing a lot of new material, and we had an audience that didn’t want to hear about anything, they just wanted to hear Neat Neat Neat and New Rose nothing else. And they wanted to just smash everything. And they weren’t interested in hearing music at all. So at one point, I turned around and said, ‘It’s like giving strawberries to a fucking pig, this gig, you know?’ And that stuck in our minds, and we used it”.

Dimensions 76 × 101 cm


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