Damned: Phantasmagoria French Record Shop Album Poster-1985


Offered is an Original 120x73cm Record Shop Poster For The French Release Of Phantasmagoria Album in July 1985 Featuring Susie Cave ( Nick Cave’s) Wife on The Poster

After Sensible’s departure Vanian’s gothic sensibilities became more evident, as on the single Grimly Fiendish, a cartoonish, twisted take on the theatrical mini-operas of The Kinks, with the music dominated by his deep crooning voice. With the success of the single under their belt the band recorded and self-produced Phantasmagoria (along with George Martin’s engineer Jon Kelly) – an attempt to prove that there was more to them than two-chord punk.

Propelled by Scabies’ rolling rockabilly drumming, the band’s post-punk take on gothic vaudeville, all harpsichord and ringing arpeggios, is moody without being overly-pessimistic, playful and energetic with a healthy dose of Hammer-horror campy spookiness. The distinctively clean ’80s-sounding clean production has not aged well, but as far as goth-tinged post-punk goes, Phantasmagoria is as enjoyable now as any of their earlier ‘punk’ albums (with the exception of their fantastic Motorhead-inspired Machine Gun Etiquette).





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