Clash: Caird Hall Dundee 16 Tons UK Tour-1980


Offered is an Original 45x32cm promotional Poster For The Clash at Caird Hall Dundee on 18-January-1980 as part of Their 16 Tons UK Tour.

TThe 18th January 1980 saw The Clash rumbling into town for a gig at the Caird Hall.
This was their “16 Tons Tour”, the band arriving on stage to the sound of Tennessee Ernie Ford’s version of the song “16 Tons”.
Quite a lively night needless to say, the band wearing black, red & white combination gear and telling the crowd at the front to stop gobbing!
There were at least 2 dozen songs in their set on the night,
There is footage available to accompany this item with a Caird Hall
It’s footage of the band in Dundee the day after the gig, about to depart for their next show elsewhere.
It has Joe Strummer doing his bit for the camera, filmed at the Tay Hotel and around the corner area of Whitehall Crescent.
The cops are making their presence known too….just in case!

Joe Strummer joked The Clash were giving the Tayside police a change from the usual drunks, giving them the opportunity to have some fun with some lads from down south. ‘And we could do well without it,’ Jones added.

Dimensions 45 x 32 cm




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