Bon Jovi: Metallica: Donnington Monsters of Rock Concert Poster-1987


Offered is an Original 74x60cm Concert Poster For The Monsters of Rock Festival at Donnington on 22nd of August Headlined By Bon Jovi With supporting acts Dio Metallica Anthrax & Wasp.

Please note some condition issues apply.

The all American line up . which was possibly the most predictable line up of the late 80s . The only bands we would have liked to have seen would have been Anthrax ,Metallica and possibly Dio . However, apparently Metallica were less than impressive on the day , suffering from a poor mix and possibly still struggling to recover from the death of bass player Cliff Burton in a tour bus crash in late 86. Guitarist James Hetfield had busted his wrist in March when skateboarding , so it had not been a good period for them psychologically or physically .

Bon Jovi had scored big with the slyly named “Slippery When Wet ” a title designed to provoke the knowing sniggers of adolescent boys the world over and to raise the hackles of their parents. The album was a biggie, and Bon Jovi went from support spots for bands like Ratt to headliners of big festivals in the space of a year. This lengthy tour actually caused strain on lead singers Jon Bon Jovi voice and this affected his performance on the night.

Vocalist Ronnie Dio had pretty impressive heavy creds , playing with Rainbow and Sabbath . Although not exactly qualifying as Metal legends, the band Dio were doing well in the UK in 1987 , their album Dream Evil, released in July 87, reached number three in the UK charts and this must have justified their position as number two band on the bill .

Anthrax were definitely the most interesting band of the festival , inasmuch as they broke the mould and dared to be different. Their clothing and music was less predictable than most of the other bands in the line up . They had a different look and their 1987 album “Among the living ” featured many of their best songs , which dared to inject some humour amongst the death and sex subject matter that formed the lyrical mainstay of most of the acts of the day.
W.A.S.P. were quite popular in the 80s , but probably the most interesting thing about them was their name, which some opined stood for ” We are sexual perverts ” . They did become more adventurous in 1988 when they released the album ” Headless Children ” which contained songs about nuclear war and drug abuse, but at the time they were strictly a pretty conventional good time metal outfit .They continue to tour to this day although they only have one original member in the line up.

Cinderella hailed from Philadelphia and were on some sort of a roll as they were playing some of their biggest ever gigs on the 1987 Bon Jovi tour and on Monsters of Rock circuit at Donnington and the continent.


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