Blondie: Heart of Glass UK Record Shop Poster-1979


Offered is an Original UK 76x51cm Record Shop Poster For Blondie January 1979 Heart of Glass Single on Chrysalis Records.

Poster has some condition issues please check photograph before buying.

Harry and Stein had written the song that became “Heart Of Glass” together in their West Village apartment in 1975. The song didn’t even have a title. They just called it “The Disco Song,” since it had partially been inspired by the Hues Corporation’s early-disco crossover “Rock The Boat.” In its original demo version, though, “Heart Of Glass” doesn’t really sound like a disco song. It doesn’t sound much like “Heart Of Glass,” either. It’s a sloppy, sidelong midtempo joint with a slight reggae lilt in the guitars and a bit of a pulse to its beat. Chapman heard potential.

Heart Of Glass” was the first Blondie single to chart in the US, and it made stars out of the group. Andy Warhol threw them a party at Studio 54. Harry appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone. Blondie’s Parallel Lines album went top-10 and eventually sold more than 20 million copies. And when disco’s chokehold over the charts started to fade later in 1979, new wave was right there. So were Blondie.


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