Armoury Show: Skids: Cleethorpes Concert Poster-1985


Offered is an Original 02-July 1985 36x26cm Concert Poster For The Armoury Show at The Winter Gardens Cleethorpes.

Formed not long after the dissolution of the Scottish punk group the Skids, the Armoury Show debuted in 1984 with the single “Castles in Spain,” a dark, ferociously energetic guitar epic with booming vocals and explosive percussion. Also consisting of John McGeoch (guitar, vocals), Russell Webb (bass), and John Doyle (drums), the Armoury Show didn’t get the attention or record sales of Jobson’s former Skids bandmate Stuart Adamson’s group Big Country, but their songs weren’t as accessible. The Skids were criticized for being overly pretentious before they hit the skids and Jobson carried his old band’s later, more weighty tone into the Armoury Show. Taking inspiration from U2’s soaring anthems and Simple Minds’ moody art rock, the Armoury Show waited until they were ready before they signed any of the label deals they were offered and ended up on Parlaphone. The group released three singles — two versions of the fiery “Castles in Spain” and an extended mix of “We Can Be Brave Again”; they issued their only LP, Waiting for the Floods, in 1985. Jobson was also an actor — he delved into spoken word poetry, too — but he began turning down roles to concentrate on the Armoury Show. However, the band never really took off. After two more singles in 1987, the group rode off into the sunset and Jobson became a broadcaster.


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